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5 Tips on Combining SEO and Social Media for Chicago Businesses

Last updated October 2022

Is your Chicago business utilizing your social media accounts effectively? Are you aware of the connections between SEO and social media and how to make the most of both?

You might know how SEO works, and you might have a search engine optimization plan, but there are tips and tricks to make your social media marketing more effective.

Discover five ways to reach your audience and take your Chicago business to the next level.

1. Align Your Strategies

Search engines might generate 300% more traffic than social media, but that doesn’t mean you should neglect your social accounts. Your SEO marketing strategy and your social media plans should align and work in tandem for the best results.

Define your message and your target audience. Make sure your brand voice remains consistent across social media platforms and your website.

Leverage the keywords that you want to rank for on your website and post the content on your social media.

2. Quality Over Quantity

You’ve heard it before—focus on quality content over quantity alone. That said, you should post on a consistent schedule so your followers know what to expect, and your brand is never far from their minds.

It takes time and effort to see the benefits of SEO, but if you follow the right strategies, you’ll see a definite boost over time.


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3. Share Your Content Everywhere

Share your created content wherever you can. Write about your new blog post on Facebook, link that YouTube video on Twitter, and so on.

Talk about your new content to drum up interest. You don’t have to worry about your followers on one platform missing a post since they’re more likely to see it on another account they follow.

4. Use the Right Keywords

Using keywords to rank higher and allowing customers to find you is how SEO works, but you need to make sure you’re using the right keywords.

Check your competitors to see which keywords they’re ranking for to get an idea of what your customers want to know. If you’re marketing for a Chicago business, make sure to use local keywords. These also tend to be less competitive keywords, which is what your business should focus on.

5. Use Social Media Management Services

Managing social media platforms takes a lot of time and a firm understanding of the latest trends and strategies. The most effective solution to ensure you’re outpacing the competition is to hire a social media management service.

Doing so ensures you’ll always have an active presence on social media, your SEO and social media strategies will combine flawlessly, and you’ll get unique content that’s curated to your Chicago business.

Make the Most of SEO and Social Media

Your SEO and social media marketing plans should align and work together for the best results. If you need guidance for your business, leave it to us at Neur. We’re a custom website design, digital marketing, and WordPress development agency from the Chicagoland area.

See how we can maintain an active and professional online presence for your business with our social media management services.

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