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5 Must Haves for an Outstanding Real Estate Website

Many brokerages offer real estate agents a standard bio page on the company website, but for agents who are looking to stand out and create a strong personal brand, having a website is a great way to take your real estate business to the next level. These are the top five must haves for an outstanding real estate website.

1. A fantastic footer

It’s a good idea to put important, non-changing information in the footer of web pages. It offers a way to include important info on every page without interfering with the website design. Make sure you have your phone number, email address, and other contact details easy to find. If you have a newsletter, podcast, or another form of marketing, this is a great place to collect contact info for that.

There are a lot of technicalities and differences among states, most require some brokerage affiliation and license number on all marketing pieces or one click away from marketing pieces. The easiest and safest way to know that you are in compliance is to put your state-required licensing information in the footer of your site.

2. A way to capture Info

Websites need to be optimized to capture information from potential clients. In addition to having your contact information readily available, make sure to have a form on your website that can collect contact details from visitors to prefer for you to reach out. These forms can automatically forward the information to you via email making sure you never miss a lead.

3. Your bio & experience

Your website serves as a digital resume where potential clients can learn more about you and the experience you bring. Brand-building real estate websites include testimonials and reviews, social media links, and information about your community involvement or past work history.

Showcasing your customer reviews and testimonials creates a sense of trustworthiness and experience that can help to convince new clients. Whether you use a Google My Business page, your business Facebook page, or an industry-specific page like a Zillow profile, it’s important to collect reviews and leverage them on your site.

Social media allows real estate agents to connect with buyers and sellers in a different, more personal way than a website. From showing properties to meeting with sellers or arranging inspections, the day-to-day of an agent can vary a lot. This variety makes great content for social media and agents can see a boost to both their website rankings and social followings by having links to their social media accounts on their website. Add links to your social media on your website to allow visitors to follow along on your professional adventures.

It’s also good to have a general bio on your website. Real estate agents come from a variety of backgrounds. Many agents have ventures outside of real estate and many are business and community leaders. Your website is a great place to communicate your business principles and values to your potential clients as well as showcasing the experience you bring to the table.

4. Your Industry & specific market info

Even if you don’t have your own listings, you can leverage other local listings to generate buyer leads for yourself. Check to see if your MLS offers a free or low cost way to embed your local listings on your personal website. If you do have your own listings, your website is a great place to create landing pages for property marketing.

You should also create a page or pages that detail the specific real estate services you offer. Specific terms like “luxury agent”, “relocation specialist”, or “distressed properties” will help search engines to connect you to searchers looking for those keywords.

Additionally, sharing market information for your local area helps to establish you as a pro in your field and increase the location-specific keywords on your website — important for reaching clients in your area. Check your MLS or real estate industry sources (like Redfin) for easily embeddable tools that offer a great starting point for sharing this info.

5. Your unique perspective

Having a blog is a great way to establish a local brand and improve the SEO of your website. Blogs should be updated regularly and make great content for newsletters to easily keep in contact with prospects or past clients. Blogs can take a variety of shapes from text articles to photo galleries. You can even repurpose material you created for other purposes — like embedding a Youtube video of your property. Your blog can be as general or niche as you’d like, and is a great way to be found by potential clients.

If you’re looking to establish yourself as a local expert, you should have a list of preferred providers. Offering recommendations on your website for the best local goods and service providers gives value to your website visitors and clients and offers SEO benefits, especially if you are linked back by your preferred providers. This page can be a great reference for newcomers to your city and is a great opportunity to offer unique value to relocating buyers.

Having a personal real estate website can be a great way to expand your real estate business. Ready to create your site and build your brand? Check out our website services or contact us for a personalized quote on our affordable WordPress web design and management services.

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