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4 Ways Social Media Can Grow Your Real Estate Business

While it may just seem like another fun place to connect with friends and share photos of your kids, social media can be great for your real estate business. From growing your customer base to showcasing your neighborhood expertise, there’s a social media channel for everyone and a lot of opportunities to create more leads and win more business. These are just four ways social media can help grow your real estate business.

Create More Client Leads

Prospecting and keeping a steady stream of clients is one of the biggest challenges of being a real estate agent. Social media is a great way to create a strong digital presence and brand as well as collect leads. Posting on social media and sharing your local expertise and listing photos will help improve your likelihood to show up in search engine results as well as help to create a following on the channel itself. Social media channels are a great way to direct people who are viewing your photos or videos to your website, listing portfolio, or preferred channel where you can collect contact information or prompt them to contact you.

Grow Your Business: Consistent posting is required to generate a strong following. Try posting things about your favorite local businesses/attractions and general real estate tips, as well as your listings, to keep your feed diverse and interesting to buyers, sellers, and those who might refer you to others. Want to really pump up your business funnel? Check out Facebook Advertising to gain more exposure and reach new audiences.

Market Your Listings

Social media is a great way to reach a lot of people very quickly and easily. Posting on your business page allows you to not only showcase your listings to the people who follow your page, but also allows others to share your content with their friends or followers. Additionally, it can be a good idea to list your property in local buy/sell/trade groups or in a marketplace like Facebook Marketplace or Craigslist (depending on the property and your local habits) for extra exposure. Make sure to pay attention to any advertising rules that may be in effect by your local MLS or board of Realtors to ensure you have properly disclosed your agent status.

Grow Your Business: If you’re using your personal social media page for business, make sure you alter your privacy settings so that your listings are viewable and sharable by others. Another option is to set up a business account which will allow you to see more information on the number of people who viewed your posts. 

Earn More Trust

Many social media sites have ratings or review features that can be a great way to showcase your happy customers. These reviews are powerful. More than 70% of buyers and sellers only interview one real estate agent before hiring, but often read through many agent reviews before ever making a call. Asking past clients for review should be a regular practice in your business as these reviews, whether on Google, Facebook, Yelp, or another site will help to boost trust in your business.

Grow Your Business: Create an email template with a link to your preferred review website. Shortly after closing, email the client to congratulate them again on their new property and to ask for a review. While it might feel a little strange at first to ask, you’ll be surprised at how happy most people are to review because they read reviews before hiring you!

Join a Community

One of the best ways to win new clients through social media is by joining and actively participating in groups. Facebook is the most popular site for groups and these groups and can include hundreds or thousands of people tied together by a similar interest. Local groups are great for growing your real estate business because they are filled with people in your local market and allow you to build trust and meet others in a non-salesy way. This is also why some of the most effective groups for real estate agents often have nothing to do with real estate. Groups like “Your City moms” or “Your City runners”  groups allow agents to connect with others on shared interests and then share their real estate expertise where helpful.

Grow Your Business: Groups are great for niche interests, but local is key when it comes to groups for growing your business. If you don’t see a local group that fits in with your hobbies, create one! Starting a group allows you to meet others, share your passion, and also expand your network which can help to win more leads.

Social media is great for real estate agents, but it can be just another “to-do” on your already long list. Looking for a way to create some great business exposure without the hassle? Check out our managed social media services and enjoy a polished digital presence with ease!

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